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Soitaab Gold Medal Service

Dealers and Reps

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Sobhi El Ajami
(312) 856-6970

Service Techs

Call us 843-409-2350

Gold Medal Service and Support

  • Knowledgeable Service Techs
  • On-line diagnostic functions with Soitaab’s Smart Machine Technology
  • Ability to operate machine remotely
  • Soitaab provides a Bill of Material with OEM part numbers for all components
    • Components are from world respected suppliers and readily available anywhere
    • Assures competitive pricing
  • Segregated spare parts for every machine kept in local region
  • Best in class training programs both remote and on-site
  • The Highest machine reliability in the industry
  • State of the Art Manufacturing Facility -ISO-9001:2015 certified
  • All Machines CE certified

Soitaab is dedicated to reducing machine downtime, improving efficiency of cutting processes, and working with the customer to yield quality parts.

Soitaab’s team of knowledgeable customer service technicians work with our clients to understand production challenges and innovate new hardware and software solutions for our advanced oxyfuel, plasma, and waterjet cutting tools. Providing great service to our customers isn’t just about reducing downtime, it’s critical experience that over the years has made Soitaab the premier provider of innovative sheet metal cutting and processing equipment.