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WaterTech Red

About WaterTech RED

Water RED is the result of years of experience in the design and manufacturing of waterjet cutting technology. In constant evolution, with the careful design and the selection of the highest quality components, Soitaab’s WaterTech RED is widely used in a variety of market segments to take advantage of the precision and versatility of the water jet cutting process. Special attention is paid to the total protection of all of the system’s mechanical components. Because of this advanced protection, the machine can perform flawlessly in extremely hostile environments.

  • Power 30hp 50hp 60hp 75hp 100hp, & 150hp
  • Pump power 4000 and 6000 bar (60hp to 125hp)


Main Features

  • Dual drive brushless motors and gantry control
  • Rack and pinion drive system
  • Linear guides on the longitudinal axis
  • 2 linear guides on transverse beam
  • Self lubrication system for all guides
  • Bellows protection on all axis
  • Stainless steel (optional) water and abrasive tank
  • Pressurized two-stage abrasive metering system
  • Water table tank with itegrated manual water level controls
  • Ready for future installation of an abrasive removal system
  • Cutting tables embedded in the CNC allow selection of quality levels from 1 to 5
  • Working area
  • 5ft. x 10ft. up to 10ft. x 20ft.
  • Motors (x, y, z)
  • Brushless
  • Driver (x, y, z)
  • Digital
  • Positioning speed
  • 1575 ipm (40 m/min)
  • Positioning accuracy
  • + - .004 in (+ - 0,1 mm/m)
  • Repeatability
  • +- .002 in (+ - 0,05 mm/m)
  • CNC
  • Soitaab CNC
  • Monitor
  • 15 in LCD touch screen
  • Data communication
  • USB - Ethernet - LAN
  • Cutting technologies
  • Water-jet with abrasive
  • Carriage stroke (z)
  • 7.5 in (option 11.8 in) 200 mm (option 300 mm)