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Plasma RED

About Plasma RED

The complete Plug-and-play plasma solution. Plasma Red in our mid-range design offering a higher level of versatility but the same high level of quality performance and ease of use.

We proudly partner with Hypertherm® to offer the most reliable and technically advanced plasma supply in the market. Designed for cutting ferrous, steel, and aluminum materials in both thin to medium thicknesses and variety of plate sizes, Plasma RED is employed in steel fabrication and in the HVAC manufacturing markets.

Accessories:  PMT pen marker  |  Laser pointer  |  Vertical oxy fuel unit-(max n° 1)


Main Features

  • Soitaab Human Machine Interface (SHMI)
  • High-accuracy positioning with dual brushless drives
  • Linear guide ways with rack & pinion coupling
  • Rigid welded gantry for a compact, lightweight, and sturdy design
  • Gantry is independent from (but integrated with) the separate cutting table
  • Vertical (z) axis is servo-driven and controlled by the CNC
  • Torch breakaway anti-collision device
  • Initial height positioning via Ohmic sensor or mechanical plate rider
  • Cutting table divided in sections with fume extraction through 2 internal channels
  • Automatic fume extraction with dampers activated by the machine position
  • Side-loaded removable drawers make table cleaning easy
  • Completely protected guide ways for long life
  • Working area
  • 5ft. x 10ft. up to 6.5ft. x 20ft
  • Carriage stroke (z):
  • 4 in (100 mm vertical)
  • Motors ( x,y,z )
  • Brushless
  • Driver ( x,y,z )
  • Digital
  • Positioning speed
  • 1575 ipm (40 m/min)
  • Repeatability
  • + - .002“ (0,05 mm/m)
  • CNC
  • Soitaab CNC
  • Monitor
  • 15 in LCD touch screen
  • Data communication
  • USB - Ethernet - LAN
  • Compact bevel plasma
  • Yes
  • Oxyfuel flame torch
  • 1