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Plasma Grate Cutting

Soitaab’s Plasma Grate Cutting System, uses a patented HotWire process to cut interrupted surfaces like grating at high speeds, both efficiently and with high quality. The concept is indirect plasma cutting where a welding wire is automatically fed underneath the torch. This wire acts as the anode, completing the electrical circuit without a direct connection to the work piece. The torch is thus fooled into thinking there is a continuous cutting surface and the grate beneath is cut in the process.
The results are a very clean, high quality, accurate cut with little to no re-work on the surface. The speeds approach typical plasma cutting speeds and are 5-10 times faster than other methods.

Plasma Grate Cutting White Paper

Main Features

  • Straight or Bevel Cutting (+- 45)
  • All the advantages of plasma cutting with high speed, low cost and accurate cuts