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Tubo-Cut Pipe Cutting

Soitaab’s Tubo-cut Pipe Cutting Solution has automated one of the most difficult cutting jobs a company will face, and produces perfectly cut pipe joints that need no re-work. Designed as either a stand-alone system or integrated into our flat plate cutting machines the Tubo-Cut uses sophisticated software to cut complex joint and even puts the proper bevel on the cut edges for weld prep. Holes, slots, access panels and other features are easily programmed using intuitive software. Bevel profiles are applied to edges and can even produce variable bevel angles as joints move around multiple curved surfaces all while maintaining the correct dimension on the finished product. No more grinding and guessing with hand cut pipes, the Tubo-Cut is fast, accurate, and efficient for every pipe cutting need.

Link to the Fabricator Magazine Oct/Nov Cover Story of Soitaab customer Filter Technology, Inc

Product Software Info

Main Features

  • Stand Alone or Integrated with Flat Plate Cutting
  • Straight or Bevel Cutting (+- 45)
  • Plasma or Oxy-fuel
  • Automatic or Manual Positioning of Pipe
  • Sophisticated 3D Software for automatic calculations of bevels, saddles, windows, holes, or slots
  • Standard Sizes from 3" diameter to 25" diameter
  • Larger Diameters Possible up to 4' and beyond