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About Dualine

Soitaab’s Dualine machine combines plasma and water jet technologies in order to obtain the high productivity of plasma and the high quality of water jet in any cutting combination.

The high cutting speed of plasma combined with the high precision and versatility of water jet cutting allows customers to optimize time, quality, and production costs on the same work piece. The Dualine can combine both cut processes on the same piece or it can be used as solely a water jet or solely a plasma cutting machine essentially yielding two machines in one, with all of their respective advantages. Dualine is the clear answer to a dynamic market that is always searching for the best cutting solution at the lowest cost and highest quality level. Dualine is also available in custom made solutions for specific and unique cutting needs. A special double gantry setup can equip a wide range of cutting accessories.

Accessories: MMC—Multiple Master Carriage  |  SBDH—Spreader bar for double heads  |  MBD—Manual Bevel Device  |  CAF —Controlled Abrasive Feeding System  |  AHC — Automatic Height Control  |  DBX —Dynamic Bevel 5 Axis  |  MTD —Material Technological Database  |  ARSY —Automatic Abrasive Removal System

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Main Features

  • Dual side drives with brushless motors and gantry control
  • Rack and pinion drive system
  • Linear guides on longitudinal axis and transverse beam
  • Self lubrication system for all guides
  • Bellows protection on all axis, including double bellows protection on longitudinal axis, inner bellows covers linear guideways, and external bellows covers internal bellows
  • Stainless steel water and abrasive catcher
  • Pressurized two-stage abrasive metering system
  • Water table tank with manual water level controls
  • Ready for future installation of an abrasive removal system
  • Cutting table parameters with quality selections from 1 to 5
  • Working area
  • 5ft. x 10ft. up to 10ft. x 40ft.
  • Motors (x, y, z)
  • Brushless
  • Driver (x, y, z)
  • digital
  • Positioning speed
  • 1575 ipm (40 m/min)
  • Positioning accuracy
  • + - 0,1 mm/m
  • Repeatability
  • + - 0,5 mm/m
  • CNC
  • Soitaab CNC
  • Monitor
  • 15 in LCD touch screen
  • Data Communication
  • USB - Ethernet - LAN
  • Cutting technologies
  • Water-jet with abrasive and plasma
  • Carriage stroke (z)
  • 8 in (optional 12 in) | 200 mm (optional 300 mm)