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Riva Steel

Soitaab owns one of the largest operating steel service centers in Italy. We understand your business and know how to get the job done fast.

Cutting plates for ourselves and our clients is just the first step in delivering the best cutting machines.

Whatever the best process for the task, Soitaab builds the most versatile machines and uses them all in their own production, whether it’s plasma, oxy fuel, water jet or fiber laser cutting.

From state of the art plasma torches, compact bevel solutions, drilling and tapping, pipe and dome cutting, and multiple processes on the same gantry, Soitaab is the world leader in the best engineered solutions to meet any cutting requirement, all with gold medal service and support.


For over 45 years, Rival group has represented the heart of the precision machining industry. The company boasts a modern and innovative fleet of machine tools, including CNC boring and milling machines.

Our machining center offers the largest state of the art milling and machining equipment, with working areas up to 20 meters x 5 meters. These large work areas allow precise machining in a single set-up in one pass producing the most accurate cutting of medium to large scale parts.

Rival can create structural beams and load-bearing structures for machine tools as heavy as 60 tons. Rival handles every aspect of production from contact with customer’s engineering staff, to design and generating drawings, to the cutting of material, electro-welding of structural steelwork, the mechanical workings of components, sandblasting, painting, assembling, testing and transport. This turn-key approach allows customers to reduce cost and delivery time and insures the best quality products. For more information on Rival, visit