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Welcome to Soitaab USA

Renowned Leader in the International Cutting Machine Market

Since their founding in 1938, Soitaab has become a recognized leader in the international cutting machine market with more than 8,000 machine installations worldwide. From manufacturing the first CNC controlled flame cutting machine in 1978 to building the world’s largest band saw in 2003, Soitaab has always maintained a leading position in cutting technology, all supported by world class service and training.


With today’s demanding markets, Soitaab continues to push development in plasma, oxyfuel, fiber laser, and water jet cutting. This is coupled with many other secondary applications for drilling, tapping, 3D shape cutting on domes and pipes, automated material handling, as well as multiple processes on a single gantry. These and many other unique solutions meet the most ambitious and complex customer requirements in shipyards, transportation, steel fabrication, earth moving, agriculture, pressure vessels, rail and many other markets.

Through Soitaab’s recent opening of their 183,000 sq. ft. manufacturing center in Milan, Italy, they have combined their long held traditions for excellence with state of the art technology development, rugged reliability, creativity, and quality manufacturing. The facility boasts a permanent machine show room to welcome all domestic and international customers for cutting demonstrations, product training, or material testing.

Soitaab has become the premier provider for sheet metal cutting and processing equipment.

Soitaab’s success can be directly attributed to their long-standing customer first philosophy. Soitaab exceeds customer requirements for efficiency, quality, and accuracy in their cutting equipment. With their ISO 9001-2008 certification, Soitaab has aligned with other world class industrial and technology partners to provide the most advanced solutions, the best customer care, the highest quality products and continuous improvement in their entire production chain.

Jason | Manager, Mid-States Supply

“The Soitaab Pipe Profiler has been a great addition for our company. It has given us access to markets we weren’t in before. The profiler does everything we hoped it would – accurately and efficiently. The installation process went smoothly and the technician was willing to stay as long as needed to train us and make sure it was working properly and within tolerance.”

Raphael Hertsberg | Filter Technology, Inc.

“With the Soitaab Plasma Cutter we can make 160 parts per day. It used to take us up to 3 months to get this many from our supplier. The parts and cut outs are even more accurate and Soitaab’s service is top notch.”

Joe Phillips | VP Yoder Smokers

“The Soitaab pipe cutter and table have been a very good addition to our operation. It has produced consistent results that have improved our production volumes.”

Mark Abbattista | Abba Metal Works, Inc.

“Excellence at its finest!”

Greg Day | Engineering Project Manager, Steam and Control Systems Inc.

“Soitaab’s service is outstanding. Our machine installation was fast and the training was thorough. When we needed support the response time was excellent. They were able to quickly and correctly diagnose a component and we had the part the next morning. An easy swap and we were back up and running in no time.”

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Product Catalog

Interested in learning more about the products Soitaab offers? Download our informative product catalog!

Download Our
Product Catalog
Download Our Product Catalog
What Makes Soitaab Different
A Cut Above the Rest
Soitaab's Mission

" To delight our customer with efficient and profitable cutting solutions, delivering equipment of high added value, easy and safe for the user along with a low environmental impact. "

Steel Service Center

" Soitaab owns one of the largest Steel Service Centers in Italy and is the only cutting machine manufacturer that is also a steel service center. Who better understands your cutting needs than someone in the same business? Cutting plate for themselves and others is just the first step in delivering the best cutting machines. Whatever the chosen process for the task, Soitaab builds the most versatile machines and uses them every day in their own production, whether it's plasma, oxy-fuel, water jet or fiber laser cutting. Their machining center offers the largest state of the art milling and machining equipment, capable of machining even the largest weldments in a single pass. "

Soitaab’s Smart Machines Technology

" Soitaab has always taken a customer first approach. Our world class service begins with our exceptional technicians, engineers, and support staff, but Soitaab is also a leader in smart machine technology. This allows all of our equipment to diagnose problems itself. On-line deep diagnostics even allow us to run machines remotely and pinpoint any trouble spots. With this information, a completely automated spare parts warehouse insures fast and accurate delivery of needed components. A modular plug and play design allows customers to easily swap out any component and quickly be back in production. "

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